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Commonly Asked Questions

What is composite decking made out of?

Composite decking is an advanced material that combines recycled plastic and recycled wood fibres. This combination allows for an authentic-looking product with a dramatically longer lifespan than traditional timber alternatives. It is made from 95% recycled materials, making it a good choice for the environment.

Is composite decking slippery when wet?

Unlike traditional decking, composite decking has excellent anti-slip ratings. Composite decking absorbs significantly less water than traditional materials which also limits the growth of fungi and mould that can contribute to a slippery surface. This gives you a safe and secure platform to walk on, making it suitable for children and elderly people alike.

Is composite decking difficult to install?

Composite decking is simple to install and does not need any specialist knowledge to make your outdoor space look great – however if you aren’t comfortable with DIY, we do have a nationwide network of trusted installers who can complete the job for you.

Composite decking is designed to cut like wood, so if you’re comfortable with a saw then you’ll be more than happy to install this decking yourself. It doesn’t have splinters and will not split like traditional wood either, making it even easier to fit. There is also the added advantage of not needing to treat it when installing, saving yourself hours of work in comparison to the traditional approach.

Does composite decking wear well over time?

The main advantage of composite decking is its longevity. Gone are the hours of sanding and coating every year – composite decking is designed to wear better than traditional materials, with none of the hassle that goes with annual maintenance. It also eliminates the problems of warping, rotting, splitting and woodworm, giving you a high-quality decking that really lasts.

The expected lifespan of our composite products is over 20 years and it comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that your decking will perform well for many years to come.

What maintenance is needed for composite decking/fencing?

Generally, all that’s needed is a power wash with a recommended composite decking cleaning solution a couple of times a year. To reduce the risk of staining, regularly removing or brushing debris off the deck will stop the debris rotting and marking the decking area – it will also reduce the number of times that heavier cleaning is required.

Will I tell the difference between composite wood and real wood?

Composite decking has real wood content and is designed to look like the real thing. Our Rustic decking gives a more traditional look.  You can choose from a range of colours including Charcoal, Coffee, or Grey so that you can get the finish that you desire – so, while benefiting from the authentic appearance of real wood, you will also enjoy the numerous advantages of composite wood. We have a long list of testimonials from customers who are delighted with the look and feel of their decking, making this a great alternative to real wood and creating a stylish outdoor space.

Where can I use composite decking?

Composite decking is perfect for any outdoor space – from open patio areas and balconies to edging for your hot tub. Because of its anti-slip properties, composite decking is especially beneficial in this situation.

It can also be used to add life and vibrancy to any garden, whether you want an area for entertaining or somewhere quiet to take in the scenery. It is ideal for entertainment venues such as bars and restaurants with an outdoor area, and its low maintenance properties will save you money on costly annual upkeep.

Can I use SAiGE decking around my hot tub or swimming pool?

SAiGE Longlife Decking is suitable for use around hot tubs and swimming pools as it has excellent anti-slip properties, no splinters and low water absorption rates, and will outlive any timber alternative. SAiGE would always recommend using solid decking boards if the hot tub is going to sit on top of the decking, due to the weight. A better option would be to have a sunken hot tub where the decking is built around the hot tub rather than sitting directly on top of the decking. We will always recommend calling one of our team for further advice regarding installation if you plan to use SAiGE decking around a swimming pool or hot tub. We’re always happy to help.

Can I put a fire pit/barbecue on the decking?

We do not recommend putting a barbecue on the decking as the grease can drip onto the decking boards and create stains. A fire pit should not be placed on the decking boards.

How are the hollow boards installed?

Hollow boards are installed using an easy-to-install hidden clip fixing method. Please see our installation guides here for more details.

How are the solid boards installed?

The solid boards are face-fixed using colour-coded screws through the face of the board. Please see our installation guides here for more details.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, we don’t have a minimum order quantity, however full carriage is charged for small top-up orders. Due to the size of the boards, we are restricted on which delivery methods we can use as the boards are classed as an oversized load. Therefore, we always encourage customers to carefully calculate how many boards are required prior to placing the order to avoid additional carriage costs.

Do the boards fade?

Please note that the contemporary decking boards will fade by approximately 10%-15% after installation within the first 2-3 months – after this time the colour pigments will stabilise.

What are the differences between the solid and hollow boards?

  • The hollow boards have a hollow core and a groove in the side profile, whereas the solid boards are solid throughout.
  • The hollow boards are recommended for residential and light commercial use, whereas the solid boards are designed with commercial projects in mind. We would recommend using the solid boards for any edging of steps.
  • The hollow boards are fixed with a hidden clip fixing system and the solid boards are face fixed with colour coded screws.
  • The hollow boards will expand and contract more than the solid boards.
  • The hollow boards are a more affordable option than solid boards but still will provide excellent strength and are suitable for residential and light commercial use.

Will the decking expand and contract?

Composite decking boards will expand and contract due to variations in temperature. The composite boards will be at their biggest when hottest and, as they cool, they will reduce in size. Our stainless-steel clips control the movement of the hollow boards – that’s why it’s imperative to ensure correct installation.

Composite decking boards do not always return to their original positions after expansion and contraction, and therefore sometimes you may see different expansion and contraction gaps occurring within your decking.

I’m using composite decking - will this be okay on a timber subframe?

Yes, this will be fine. Most composite decking installations are completed on timber subframes. As composite boards are non-porous (water absorption rates of up to 0.8%) compared to traditional timber decking boards, they significantly reduce the water soaking through the boards and onto the subframe underneath – this means that a timber subframe will last longer than if conventional timber decking is used.

Alternatively, for a completely wood-free solution we can offer SAiGE aluminium subframes.

Can I use composite batons?

SAiGE do not recommend using composite batons – using two composite materials means the boards and the subframe contract and expand at different rates in different temperatures.

Does composite decking scratch?

Like all outdoor products, composite decking will scratch. Scratches can be removed from the decking by using a wire brush or fine sandpaper in the direction of the decking board. We would always recommend a small test area first so that you can see how much force to use with the wire brush/sandpaper. Felt pads can be fitted to the bottom of metal furniture to limit scratches.  

Any batch variations?

There can sometimes be variations in colour from batch to batch, therefore we would always recommend carefully calculating the quantity of decking required before placing your order to ensure total consistency.

What size gaps do I leave when installing my decking?

The size of the gaps that need to be left between the boards is dependent on the temperature at which the boards are being laid. You can benefit from one of our trusted national installers, or if you favour DIY, you can read through our installation guides here.

Can I use hollow and solid decking boards in conjunction?

Yes – if you have a decking area where you’re using solid and hollow boards and need to join them up to create a clean, modern look, then that’s no problem. We can supply specialised clips that allow the two boards to be used in conjunction with one another.

Can you sink the fence posts into the ground?

Composite fences by SAiGE have been designed to either be sunk into the ground or fitted using base plates. If sinking into the ground, we would recommend putting at least 550mm below the ground on a standard 1.8m fence. It’s always best to seek the advice of your installer on this so they can best advise depending on the substrate.

Can you attach the balustrades to decking?

You can attach the balustrade to the decking, but it would need to be fixed into a solid board not a hollow composite board.

How do you attach the Retrofit channels to the concrete posts?

The Retrofit channels can be attached to the concrete posts using a suitable adhesive – depending on the concrete posts, these could be bolted.

Is there a front and back to the fencing?

Yes, there is a front and reverse to the fencing this is identified by a small raised ridge within the top cavity of the fence boards. This raised ridge will need to be facing the same direction for all boards, creating the front and back. See installation guide for reference.

Can the balustrade be used on staircases?

We have two balustrade options one for straight runs and the other for staircases, both balustrade options work in conjunction with one another.

Can you create bespoke fencing and balustrade options?

SAiGE balustrades and fences are sold in kits for ease of installation however individual components can be ordered in addition which can then be used to create bespoke fencing solutions. Take a look at our gallery to see the possibilities.

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We have recently used your Saige decking on a project of our in Kent, and we were very impressed with the product, the feedback from our landscapers on installation and the client is delighted. The service from John was excellent, organising delivery to site within a couple of days and we will be using you again for our future requirements.

We have recently used your Saige decking on a project of our in Kent, and we were very impressed with the product, the feedback from our landscapers on installation and the client is delighted. The service from John was excellent, organising delivery to site within a couple of days and we will be using you again for our future requirements.

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