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7 Benefits of Composite Products for Your Business

SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd are suppliers of high standards, innovative, environmentally sourced composite landscape products for both residential and commercial projects.

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7 Benefits of Composite Products for Your Business

Restaurants, beer gardens, hotels, outdoor zones for corporate offices – there is no end to the variety of establishments that benefit from the style, sturdiness and longevity of using composite products in their outdoor spaces. 

SAiGE composite products are made from a unique blend of recycled wood and recycled plastic, and are fast becoming a popular option for many business owners, who are favouring the host of advantages of our products over traditional timber. So let’s take you through the main benefits of SAiGE composite products for your business. 

7 Benefits of Composite Products for Your Business 

Value for money

The key to a successful business is making cost-effective decisions that will benefit the company in the long run. Thanks to their durability and longevity, SAiGE composite products will perform well for many years after installation. Our unique composite material has all the beauty of natural wood, but does not warp, rot or twist, making it low maintenance and very cost effective in the long term. 

Easy installation

Innovative yet straightforward design with hidden fixtures and fittings means that installation is easy with composite products. Whether you’re installing it yourself, or using one of our recommended installers, the clever design of SAiGE composite products will make short work of any installation. 

Low maintenance

One of the many benefits of SAiGE composite products is that they are so easy to look after – a great plus for any busy company with little time and manpower to spare. All SAiGE products are made with strength and longevity in mind, ensuring that they will stand the test of time and weather without the need for constant upkeep.  For example, the occasional sweep and hose down is all that is needed to keep SAiGE decking looking as good as the day it was installed. And thanks to its UV-resistant properties, it also doesn’t fade or deteriorate in direct sunlight, so it looks good for much longer. 

Range of colours that match across products

First impressions count, and that’s why SAiGE offers composite material in a range of colours to suit any decor. Our decking, balustrade, fencing and gates are all available in matching colours; charcoal, light grey and coffee, enabling you to create stunning outdoor spaces that flow visually. Additionally, our rustic decking range is available in the colours light grey and walnut which, combined with its highly realistic woodgrain effect, makes for a premium natural-looking decking area.


Traditional timber often falls victim to mould and mildew, especially when in outdoor environments. Composite wood sidesteps this issue, thanks to its unique blend of wood and plastic. This gives it excellent mould resistance that helps maintain its beautiful colour and excellent quality. 

Safe for guests

The safety of employees, guests and visitors is top priority for any responsible business owner. Choosing to use SAiGE composite decking in your company’s outdoor space means safety is prioritised, as its anti-slip properties make it a safe surfacing choice in all weather conditions. SAiGE composite products are also free from splinters, so business owners can be assured that our products are the most sensible choice for any outdoor space.

Fire-resistant options 

All business owners have a legal responsibility to meet UK fire regulations. Here at SAiGE, we supply fire-resistant decking and a fire-resistant subframe system, both of which comply with EN1450-1 Class B fire regulations and can be used together for a fully fire-resistant decking solution. SAiGE’s fire-resistant decking and subframe are suitable for commercial projects such as roof terraces, balconies and podiums and give you full peace of mind for the safety of anyone using the outdoor areas of your business.  

Want to know more? Here at SAiGE Composite Products, we’re the number one supplier of top-quality composite products throughout the UK. With a range of products, colours and styles available for a range of purposes, you’re sure to find something to suit your business needs. Simply get in touch for some friendly advice today. 

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