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How to Clean and Maintain Composite Products in Summer [Infographic]

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How to Clean and Maintain Composite Products in Summer [Infographic]

Summer is almost here, the time when composite decking is the star of the show with a whole host of benefits over alternative decking options. Whether it’s garden parties, BBQs or dining al fresco, the chances are that your decking will see a lot of use in the summer months, so in this article, we’ll take you through how to look after your composite decking during the busy warmer months to keep it in great condition. 

Keep on reading for a handy infographic!

Why is composite decking perfect for summer?

Composite decking has many useful properties that make it a beautiful and durable choice for outdoor spaces in summer. 

SAiGE composite products are created from a unique hard-wearing blend of recycled plastic and recycled wood, and their benefits for the summer months are numerous, including: 

  • Anti-Slip 
  • Mould-Resistant
  • Hard-Wearing and High-Strength 
  • Splinter-Free
  • Resistant to Warping, Twisting and Rotting
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Contains UV Stabilisers 

How to look after composite decking in summer 

One of the best benefits of composite decking is the low levels of maintenance that it requires. Like any outdoor material used in the garden, it is important to know the best cleaning and maintenance methods to ensure your decking stays looking great. Our top tips for looking after your composite decking in summer are:

  • Be BBQ smart: The sun is out, and so it’s time to set up the BBQ and throw some summer get-togethers. A decking area is certainly the place to host guests in comfort and stability, so it is important to be ‘BBQ smart’. Luckily, SAiGE offers fire-resistant composite decking that has been rigorously tested for your peace of mind. There are further steps that you can take to improve safety and look after your decking, such as placing a BBQ mat down or ensuring you use a drip pan to catch any grease or oil. If oil and grease does come into contact with your decking, it should be treated with a degreasing agent as soon as possible and then rinsed with warm water. If you only catch grease or oil stains a while after they have occured, they may require a firmer approach with sandpaper or wire brush, with which you must always follow the grain.
  • Combat food & drink stains: Whilst relaxing or socialising on your decking, there is always a risk of food and drink spillage. As such, it is wise to arm yourself with knowledge on the most common types of stains and how to combat them quickly and effectively. For example, wine or fruit stains need to be treated with a gentle cleaning agent and water, while more persistent stains can warrant a light bleach and warm water – always remember to rinse this off afterwards. Avoid using bleach in direct sunlight, and instead perform this cleaning process in the early morning or late evening.
  • Trim trees & foliage: With plant life thriving in spring and summer, make sure that any overhanging branches or creeping vines are kept clear of your decking. You may wish to trim overhanging branches, but if you would prefer to keep these as a feature of your garden or because of the shade they provide, be sure to give your decking a regular sweep to prevent a build up of foliage or debris, which could rot onto the deck and stain if left. 

Remember, summertime will see a lot of activity for your garden and especially your decking, but with a little TLC, it will stay looking great all year round and for many years to come. 

Here at SAiGE, we’re one of the UK’s leading suppliers of premium composite products. Thanks to our high-quality, innovative decking, you can enjoy summer entertaining with a product that is durable and long lasting – not to mention beautiful. Simply get in touch today to discover more. 

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