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Is Composite Fencing Worth the Cost?

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Is Composite Fencing Worth the Cost?

Composite fencing is more expensive than timber fencing initially. However, in the long run, you are likely to save money. Composite fencing does not require the costly and time-consuming annual staining and treating that timber fencing requires to preserve it. So, in short, yes, composite fencing is worth the cost but if you’re yet to be convinced here are our top 5 reasons why composite fencing is worth the cost.

Low Maintenance and Long Life

As previously mentioned unlike traditional timber fencing Composite Fencing does not require any sanding, staining or treating over it’s lifetime. Composite fences by SAiGE are available in three different colours to suit your garden scheme. The SAiGE composite fence boards and the aluminium posts and components have exceptionally low water absorption rates and will not rot, warp, rust or twist.

Composite Fencing will outlive traditional timber fencing with an expected lifespan of over 20 years, significantly more than wooden fences.

High Strength

Composite Fences by SAiGE exceed gale force 9 wind testing making them a very durable product. Unlike timber fence panels you can be sure your SAiGE fence will with stand strong winds and storms without the need to regularly replace wind damaged panels. The aluminium also passes a 500 hour salt spray test making the system ideal for coastal environments.

Variable Heights and Designs

Composite Fencing by SAiGE is an innovative system that can be adapted to give various heights and designs depending on the project. Each bay is 1.8m wide and available in a range of heights including; 1.8m high, ranch style fencing and a 4ft option as well as bespoke styles.

Easy to Install

Composite Fences by SAiGE are the same on both sides, the fence boards slot together horizontally like tongue and groove so the boards will look just as good on your side as the neighbours. No more giving your neighbour the good side of the fence that you’ve paid for.  Also the design of the horizontal panels means they are much smaller to manoeuvre when installing compared to a 1.8m x 1.8m fence panel, each composite board is 145mm x 1755mm x 19.5mm. We also provide comprehensive installation guides.

Environmentally Friendly

The SAiGE composite fence boards are made from 50% recycled wood fibres and 45% recycled plastic. All the Composite material is FSC certified so you can be sure the recycled wood content has been responsibly sourced.

So in answer to your question, we think composite fencing is definitely worth the investment, although more expensive initially a composite fence will outlive a traditional timber fencing and provide a durable, stylish addition to your garden.


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