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Additional Colours to the SAiGE Decking Range

We have just placed an order for 2 new colours for our decking to add to our range.  The new colours are Teak and Charcoal Grey, which we are already getting a lot of enquiries for.  Delivery is due in[...]

New Brochure Now Available

We have now received our brand new glossy brochure.  We will be sending them out to all of our customers over the next week, however if you do not receive one, or would like more than one brochure so that[...]

Return to the Homeland

In Schipol now on the journey home and looking forward to getting back into the office, lots of exciting prospects ahead for all of our customers to see, new colours (Black/Charcoal Grey and Teak), new improved profiles, longer lengths (3.6m[...]

Day 7 & Final Day in Changzhou

Well here I am at the airport in Shanghai ready to head back to the real world.  Had a great day today with a big lie in and in work in time for lunch (they do eat at 11:30am though[...]

Day 6 Changzhou

Well what a great final day and night we had (Day 7 here and I am in the midst of packing heaps of samples and a few clothes that will hopefully all go in the suitcase before I fly out[...]

Day 5 Changzhou

Day 5, was spent in our Sino Trading/SAiGE Changzhou office.  Sam and I debriefed on our visit to our decking factory and we are very happy with the visit we had.  The factory is incredibly clean and their attention to[...]

Day 4/5 Changzhou

Well the Sunday that we thought would be a 1 hour meeting to collect some tooling for Sino turned into another lunch (which definitely ended in tears and we prefer not to talk about) and then a 3 hour meeting[...]

Day 3/4 SAiGE in Changzhou

Well here we are working on a Sunday, but something that happens quite often in China, and when we are only here for a week then we have to get as much packed in as we can!  Day 2 ended[...]

Greetings from Changzhou, China

Day 2 in Changzhou, after a long trip (plane, train and taxi) and very little sleep on the plane Tim and I managed to stay awake for a fantastic seafood evening meal with some of our suppliers and Julie (Office Manager in[...]

SAiGE Office re-opens for the New Year!

SAiGE would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  We are back open for business and welcome your decking enquires.  Leanne Hosell will be holding the fort whilst Harriet jets off to China to spend time with the rest[...]