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The Advantages of Composite Decking

SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd are suppliers of high standards, innovative, environmentally sourced composite landscape products for both residential and commercial projects.


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The Advantages of Composite Decking

The main advantage of Composite Decking is that the boards are made from recycled materials making it the environmentally-friendly choice.  SAiGE Longlife Composite Decking boards have a composition of 95% recycled materials (50% recycled wood, 45% recycled plastics and with the higher proportion of wood to plastic creates a denser product).

The boards are extruded under high temperatures so each board is consistent in size and shape which makes it easier to install and gives a more consistent look.  We have stringent quality testing carried out on each decking batch produced.  A good tip for identifying a good quality composite decking board is to look down the cross-section of the board to see how well the components have been mixed.  If you can see white flecks in the cross-section of the board it indicates that the recycled components have not been mixed properly and the boards potentially will have points of weakness.

Composite decking is free from splinters, is anti-slip and easy to maintain.  This makes SAiGE Decking child friendly so suitable for family life as well as being perfect for busy individuals who do not want to have to spend hours treating and maintaining their decking but just want to enjoy it!

Low water absorption rates of around 0.8% means that the decking can be used around wet environments such as hot tubs and swimming pools as the decking performs well in the wet as well as is resistant to mould and fungus.  Because the decking is non-porous mould and fungus doesn’t penetrate the decking board so the boards won’t warp or rot.  Any surface mould after the winter is easily cleaned with a pressure washer.  The grooves in the decking are deeper meaning that water is dispersed quicker which helps make it less slippery.

The colours of the decking boards offer choice to the customers, colours will fade by up to 10% in the first 2 months and then the colour will stabilise so the decking will continue to look good over time without having to stain the decking annually.

Installation of SAiGE’s Hollow Decking boards is by using a hidden fixing clip system which means that no screws go through the boards so there are no points of weakness and creates a very clean finish.  The hollow boards are also a lot lighter than the solid boards as there is less material but due to thicker walls, it is a very sturdy product and is ideal for residential projects.  We at SAiGE do supply solid decking boards which are installed with colour coded screws.  The solid boards are ideal for commercial use and can also be used in conjunction with the hollow boards as they are the same size and shape to create edges as well as steps.

From pub gardens to balconies composite decking is a great choice for any outdoor environment with a vast amount of advantages.

Our Expert:

John Keohane – Director

After starting his career in the Irish Navy, John obtained an Engineering Apprenticeship and has worked in engineering maintenance and development roles in Ireland and Australia before moving to the UK in 2011 and joining the SAiGE team.  John is responsible for SAiGE’s product development, overseeing installation projects and looks after some of our key accounts.

Recent Project – Alfred Street, Oxford

Up amongst the spires of Oxford’s city centre, our installation team has recently completed a SAiGE Decking installation as part of a development by Feltham Construction on behalf of The University of Oxford’s Lincoln College.

Lincoln College has refurbished an existing building to create new accommodation.  Sitting atop of the building are two plush penthouse apartments each with their own private SAiGE composite decking areas using a combination of both the Charcoal and Light Grey hollow residential boards.  The two decking colours chosen complement the grey colours of the steel cladding finish of the building which gives a very high-end contemporary look.

The communal walkway has also been fitted with SAiGE Decking to link buildings together.   On this walkway, our high anti-slip rating has made SAiGE Decking the ideal solution and with the added upgrades to the pedestal and aluminium substructure making or a very long term, low maintenance, environmentally focused solution.

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