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Greetings from Changzhou, China

Day 2 in Changzhou, after a long trip (plane, train and taxi) and very little sleep on the plane Tim and I managed to stay awake for a fantastic seafood evening meal with some of our suppliers and Julie (Office Manager in China) last night in Changzhou where we even cooked our own (live) prawns and our own seafood in our individual soup bowls bubbling away next to us!  After a mammoth 11 hours sleep we are both refreshed and enjoying the day in our Changzhou office.  I have had a meeting with Sam our  Technical Manager for SAiGE Decking this morning and we are off to visit our decking factory tomorrow.  It is a cold day in Changzhou so we are missing the balmy English winter already!!  If any of our customers would like me to ask our factory anything in particular this is your chance (although I will be back later in the year and Sam is always able to visit the factory or contact them with your questions upon request).  Sam can be contacted via email [email protected]

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