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Composite Decking in the Spring

Don’t you just love this time of year?   As the warmer weather approaches it’s great to get outside and enjoy the garden.  The usually pristine patio is looking rather worse for wear and the slippery timber decking is more death-trap than suntrap.  That’s why this year it’s a good idea to find out more about alternatives that would allow you to make the most of the outside space all year round.

Composite decking ticks all the boxes.  An environmentally friendly alternative to timber decking it is made from recycled materials.  It looks and feels like real wood and yet it requires hardly any maintenance.  No more sanding and sealing!  Available in a range of traditional and contemporary colours, you don’t even need to stain it to find something to suit your taste.

What’s more, composite decking is ideal for a young family.  The boards do not splinter, are free from toxic additives and all fixings are hidden.  No more slipping on damp boards.  No more scrubbing off engrained mould.  No more replacing warped boards.  Just 365 days of outdoor play space!

Doesn’t it all seem too good to be true?  Surely it must be tricky to install?  Nope.  It’s lighter than timber making it ideal for areas where access is limited and is very easy to cut.    You even get a choice of finish.  Expensive?  Given the longevity of the product it is cheaper than conventional wood over time.  With an expected lifespan of over 25 years it really is a sound investment.

So, take the plunge!  With minimal DIY skills you could easily fit it yourself or simply get an installer to install it for you.  Leaving you more time to get on with planting out the borders alongside your fantastic new modern decking…

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