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Day 3/4 SAiGE in Changzhou

Well here we are working on a Sunday, but something that happens quite often in China, and when we are only here for a week then we have to get as much packed in as we can!  Day 2 ended in karaoke with the team from the Sino/Saige China office which was great fun indeed.  Home by 1am and then on the road at 8am to visit our decking factory.  Arriving at 11:30am we were whisked straight off to lunch which included a whole crab (very delicious but I did have the incident like on pretty woman with the snails when I lost half a crab claw across the room – thank goodness for private dining rooms and a couple of wet wipes!!), then after returning to the factory a couple of hours later we had a great tour of the factory, saw our latest samples which included a couple of new colours to add to the range – Black/Charcoal Grey and Teak (both looking very good indeed!), did some testing on the load bearing capabilities (Sam will have his own tech pages on our website coming soon!), and then had a meeting which all finished up at 6:30pm.  We were then invited to dinner and our supplier kindly booked us all into a hotel (4 of us are travelling together, Julie, Sam, Tim and myself) after deciding against the 31/2 hour drive at the end of the night.  After dinner we were taken to another karaoke venue – this one was very classy compared to the night before and we certainly made the most of the beers and complimentary china tea!  We were dropped home just after midnight feeling very spoilt by our supplier and certainly looking forward to the next visit already!  This morning another early start and we are off to visit a Sino customer before heading back to Changzhou later on this afternoon.

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