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Day 4/5 Changzhou

Well the Sunday that we thought would be a 1 hour meeting to collect some tooling for Sino turned into another lunch (which definitely ended in tears and we prefer not to talk about) and then a 3 hour meeting to leave with the tooling at about 4:30pm.  Getting back to Changzhou at about 7pm the fun really started when we got back to the apartment our swipe entry card would not work in the lift so we were up and down the lift 4 times, up 10 flights of stairs, up 13 flights of the the wrong stair well and eventually ended up at floor 19!  When we got to the apartment we dumped the bags and went back down in the lift to dinner with Julie (via the security guards who said they would let us back in the lift when we got home).  We ended up going to nightclub called Babi where we had to order 3 beers each for the privilege of sitting at the bar and the beers were not even cold!!  Then we popped next door for one drink to a club called Soho where the dj believe it or not had a proper dj voice (obviously speaking in Chinese still) that Peter Kay would have been proud of and then proceeded to play “Is this the Way to Amarillo?”.  I am not sure if the Chinese knew what they were dancing to but they were going wild with their hands waving in the air, I just wished we had been able to video it and send it to Peter Kay himself!!  The dj then turned into rap star and singer and performing at different points in the club including right next to us – Tim was certainly trying to join in but didn’t know the Chinese song he was singing unfortunately!  Back in the office now on Monday morning with only 3 days left before I fly out again, tonight we are off to a New Year celebratory dinner with everyone from the office so that will be a lot of fun – and no doubt we will be back in a karaoke bar again soon!!!!

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