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Day 5 Changzhou

Day 5, was spent in our Sino Trading/SAiGE Changzhou office.  Sam and I debriefed on our visit to our decking factory and we are very happy with the visit we had.  The factory is incredibly clean and their attention to detail and quality procedures are very impressive.  It was great to see our latest colours (Teak, Charcoal Grey and Redwood) and our new improved profile being produced.  We will certainly be uploading photos we took to the website within the next few days, as well as devloping some technical pages to give our customers insight into the manufacturing process as well as the testing of the properties of our decking.

In the evening we went out with the team from the China office which was lots of fun.  In the Cinese culture it is custom to drink with someone else which involves a cheers and then the drowing of your drink.  So everyone was taking great delight with drinking with Tim and me, after 10 or so of these (fairly short) cheers with beers, we realised that only 3 of us were acually drinking beer stronger than everyone else at the table (now the beer is not that strong anyway, but when 3 of us were drinking 3.1% and the rest were drinking 0.5% alcohol content then that is a reasonable difference!), this was the great source of amusement for the rst of the meal with us trying to top of drinks with the stronger beer!  We then went on to a karaoke bar, again in a private room so you can sing as many songs as you like.  I love karaoke but I think 3 nights will be enough for me for the month of January if not February too!

Only 1 night left in Changzhou before I fly home tomorrow night, no doubt there will be lots of beers and maybe a touch of karaoke tonight too!!!!!  I will keep you posted!

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