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Day 6 Changzhou

Well what a great final day and night we had (Day 7 here and I am in the midst of packing heaps of samples and a few clothes that will hopefully all go in the suitcase before I fly out tonight 23:55!).  The day was spent in the office; the team have lunch together every day which is a great social and team bonding time (although we do this at SAiGE/Sino too at least with our team members who are related!) at a little “fast food” canteen type place which does a great selection of food.  Really interesting to see the fast food equivalent although KFC is very popular over here and they do have McD’s but they have had to change the menu to accommodate the Chinese people’s love of food with bones (now you see wy KFC is so popular)!  Anyway enough about food as we have eaten a wide and plentiful selection of food, so to continue with food, we went out for dinner with our main Sino suppliers again in the evening to a fabulous restaurant with a real authentic Chinese feel (I have been shocked to see that there are very few old buildings here, although I am going sight-seeing this afternoon so that may all change yet!), we ate plentiful amounts (highlight was that Tim and I were served with a fabulous crab each – thank goodness for our decking supplier visit where we had one too and were shown how to eat it so we looked half proficient and no pretty woman moments were had this time – oh and we did eat snails as well – the food is incredibly varied, I did decline the swan!) are were presented with gifts galore (which I have just about managed to fit into my suitcase this morning!).  After dinner we all went (10 of us) to have a foot massage, I was thinking this was going to be a real highlight to the trip and afterwards it certainly can be seen that was but during it was one of the most horrific and painful experiences we have ever had, apparently the Chinese believe that where it hurts you may have issues with various parts of the internal organs – mine and Tim’s are definitely not in a healthy state at all considering the pain in various areas of the foot!!  The foot massage was finished off by cracking of the legs and back, so at least there is no need to go to the chiropractor when we get home!  Tim has left for far off shores this morning and I am off to sight see and then head for home, so one more blog to come about my trip!!!

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