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Day 7 & Final Day in Changzhou

Well here I am at the airport in Shanghai ready to head back to the real world.  Had a great day today with a big lie in and in work in time for lunch (they do eat at 11:30am though so not as late as it could be if eating on UK time!).  Had to take my suitcase to the office with me (usually only a 5 minute walk) which took about 15 minutes negotiating potholes and trying to find as many ramps up and down pavements as possible (and the new samples of decking colours are very heavy indeed!!).  Lunch at the same fast food place and went wild today with rice instead of noodles (I did have some beef, fish – possibly anchovy, was in tomato sauce and very boney and chicken so not just rice).  I am sure they will wonder where I am tomorrow – to have blonde hair in a world full of Chinese people certainly makes me easy to spot – just glad I did not pack any heels or it could have been worse!  After lunch Julie (our Office Manager in Changzhou) took me to see the ancient Buddhist temple of Changzhou which was absolutely amazing, solid gold top to the main temple, fabulous artifacts, 12 stories high (felt like 24 stories standing on the top hoping not to be blown away) and a great view of the city from the top (6 million people in Changzhou so a fair size city indeed), in fairness this is what I thought China would be more like but it is very commercial now and hardly any ancient buildings exist, but still a fantastic place to go and the lights at night are incredible.  I have safely made it back to Shanghai airport (after a white knuckle taxi ride and a train ride at 280km/hr) with plenty of time before my flight to Amsterdam and then on to Birmingham.  I have had one of the most amazing experiences of my life, China has been incredibly beneficial for me workwise and for further developments and product development with SAiGE but has also been an experience personally that I will never forget, mainly for the reasons of food I should never have eaten, foot massages and of course karaoke!!!



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