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Did You Know SAiGE Can Supply FSC Decking And Fencing?

Did you know SAiGE can supply FSC decking and fencing?

What is FSC?

FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) is a well renowned international certification and labelling system. It’s an identification system that allows people to ensure they are getting responsibly sourced wood, paper and other forest products.

By choosing to buy an FSC certified product you are buying a product knowing it has been responsibly sourced.

‘FSC standards are globally recognised as the highest social and environmental standards in forestry.’

‘The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home.’

See the link below to The 10 Principles of FSC:

SAiGE Longlife Fencing

SAiGE’s Composite Fencing is a brand new product which offers a long lasting durable fencing system. SAiGE fencing has the ability to be adapted to give various heights and designs depending on the customers preferences. The fencing is made up of powder coated aluminium fence posts with composite board inserts, these are available in grey, charcoal and brown.

All of the SAiGE Longlife Fencing composite boards are made from FSC certified timber.

For more information about the SAiGE Longlife Fencing range please see below:

SAiGE Longlife Decking

SAiGE Longlife Decking has many advantages including: excellent anti-slip ratings, very low maintenance, easy to install and long lasting.  Our decking is made of 45% recycled plastic and 50% recycled wood (the other 5% is made up of colour pigments and anti-mould and fungal properties).  SAiGE Decking is one of the market leaders in terms of providing quality decking with excellent tensile strength and anti-slip testing results.

FSC certified decking boards are available on request.

For more information about the SAiGE Longlife Decking range please see below:

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