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Decking Clips
Decking Clips

SAiGE’s Hollow Composite Decking range uses a hidden clip system for a fantastic clean and modern looking finished deck with no screws on display. The kits include start-up clips, fixing clips and screws.

Eurotec Products

SAiGE are proud to be providing eurotec products.Eurotec

For our solid decking ranges and fixing the composite trim we provide colour coded Eurotec screws in 316 stainless steel.

After much testing and research, we have found the perfect deck screws and fastenings to complement our composite decking. Available in a choice of plain stainless steel or colour coded heads to match our decking range (Charcoal, Oak, Grey & Redwood). We provide our Eurotec specialist decking screws in boxes of 250 (coverage for 6.5sqm of decking). Contact us for more information.

More information can be found on Eurotec’s own website HERE and HERE for the specific decking screws page.

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