Free Rustic Composite Decking Samples

Free Rustic Composite Decking Samples

Please use this form to order free sample of our rustic composite decking for evaluation purposes. Complete the form to receive your free, no obligation sample of composite decking. You are welcome to order a sample in your choice of colour so that you have the space and freedom to decide which is the best option for you.

Sample Request Form

Fill out this form and we'll send you Free Composite Decking Samples.

Order our brand new Rustic composite decking in either Rustic Walnut or Rustic Grey.

Please choose your free decking sample colour/s:
Rustic WalnutRustic Grey

Composite Decking Samples Colour Options

Please allow 4-5 days for delivery of your samples. If you require samples more urgently please contact a member of the team on 01789 721 576.


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