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Composite Decking Installation

SAiGE Decking and fencing has been designed with simple installation in mind, not only appealing to landscapers, designers and the construction industry but accessible to DIY enthusiasts who would like to install their own fencing or decking aswell.

Please see the installation overview below. A full installation guide can also be downloaded.

ryno-alu-substructureIf you are not a keen DIY enthusiast or do not have the time to install your deck yourself,  please click HERE to contact one of our preferred installers who are experts at installing composite decking

As with all instructions SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd recommends that you read the installation guide in full prior to commencing installation of the longlife decking. SAiGE’s Warranty will not be upheld if the Installation Guide is not followed properly. If you have any questions please contact a member of the SAiGE team for clarification.

  • Usage: SAiGE Longlife decking is for outdoor private and commercial use, but should not be used for construction purposes.
  • Storage: SAiGE Longlife decking is generally denser than natural wood. On-site, it must be stored on a flat surface and must be supported by centres at 60cm intervals. Storing on uneven surface might cause the boards to twist. The decking should be covered for long term storage.
  • Tools: No specialist tools are required when working with SAiGE composite decking board. However, for the best results, we recommend using carbide tipped blades when using a mitre saw, we recommend a 10”-12” saw blade with 30 teeth or less. Saw blades with fewer teeth stay cooler and last longer. We recommend using 4 x 30 mm (minimum) Corrosion resistant Self-tapping screws as supplied within the fixing kit for use with our hidden fixing clips. If using a power tool, we advise to adjust the tool so that the screws are not over-tightened.
  • Decking Foundations: Please consult your structural engineer for design specifications for an appropriate sub floor for your structure. Make sure the foundation is flat and stable in order to avoid deformation and dents in the surface and of the terrace. Always maintain the indicated mounting distance. Make sure that all joists are level and centred. The decking must span at least three joists.
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