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We sell a limited amount of products through our online Shop. Composite Decking is a difficult product to buy online as you need to ensure that you have enough decking for the area required. For a quote or process for our decking products please contact a member of the SAiGE team or your local supplier of SAiGE Decking.

SAiGE Decking Cleaner



SAiGE’s 5L Decking Cleaner – UK shipping included

Composite Decking Cleaner is ideal for use on composite/plastic decking areas. Our cleaner has been formulated specially by Greenbase for materials that have wood and plastic properties in mind. It is strong enough to remove heavy dirt, but does not dis-colour the decking area. It is best to use this cleaner 2-3 times a year, particularly when you come out of winter into spring to re-freshen your decking area. Easily removes mould and algae. We have found that we can remove ground in dirt, oil, grease and wine stains in most cases, however, the sooner you treat the affected decking area the better chance of full stain removal. The cleaner can be applied by using a power wash or by using a deck scrub. You will find that it also does a great job in cleaning off patios or paving areas.  A small test area should be used first before you treat the whole decking area. Compared to overseas cleaners available, we offer extremely great value for money.

Brush Application

  • Brush away any loose leaves and dust
  • Add 100ml ps Patio & Deck Detergent Cleaner to 1 litre of clean water
  • Spay or pour onto surface to be cleaned
  • Agitate with a deck or scrubbing brush
  • Rinse away dirty water

 Pressure Washer

  • Brush away any loose leaves and dust
  • Add 50ml to 500ml of fresh clean water (10:1)
  • Add pre-diluted detergent to tank of pressure washer
  • Use pressure washer as usual – requires no rinsing


Cleaned up the decking at the weekend. Absolute dream. No detergent, no
scrubbing cleaned right up with the power washer. Best of all no painting


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