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SAiGE-Fix Screws

Our specially designed SAiGE-Fix screws are used in conjunction with our solid composite decking rustic and contemporary boards as well as our composite trim. The screws are colour codes to match the colour of the boards available in coffee, grey and charcoal (and walnut and grey for the rustic range). The small screw head means they blend in with the boards and sit flush with the top of the board meaning there are no uneven surfaces or chance of anything snagging on the screws once the decking is laid. The screws are M4.5 x 65 305 stainless steel self-drilling screws, providing a strong fix and a durable, long last screw that will not rust when exposed to the elements.

SAiGE-Fix screws are available in boxes of 100no., 250no. and 1000no. depending on the size of the project you’re completing. Each box of screws comes with 1 x star drive 50mm bit and 1 x drill bit.

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