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What is SAiGE Longlife Composite Decking Made Of?

It is official – SAiGE Decking is very eco-friendly!  Whilst we cannot release the secret recipe of SAiGE’s decking I can confirm that there is no glue involved in the process.  It is a fairly straight forward two phase process as detailed below:

First, recycled wood flour and recycled plastic is mixed and heated to melting point. In this step the wood and plastic is uniformed mixing,  with ratio about 4:5.  Whilst the mixed material is cooled down the particles bond together (particle caking).  The second part of the process is that the mixture is put into the extrusion machine, then it is heated again (at about 200C).  The melting material is then forced through the tooling and shaped and cooled.  As soon as it is made into the desired shape, then it is cut at the required length and finished on a separate machine with larger brushes to create a brushed effect.

Things to look out for when comparing SAiGE Composite decking with others is by looking at the profile of the board to check how well the components have been mixed together – if you can see white flecks in the decking then this shows that the mixture has not been bound properly and you will potentially get problems with your decking.  Sam our Technical Manager will reject any board that has any defect.

For more information or to receive a free sample of our decking please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team [email protected] or phone 01789 721 576 or request a free sample through our website by clicking here.

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