Composite Decking Test Reports

Composite Decking Test Reports

Please find below a list of SAiGE longlife composite decking test reports. The list below isn’t exhaustive – we have others – if you need a particular test report please feel free to contact us.

Overview of SGS Test Reports

Testing NameRef. StandardResultsTest sample
DensityASTM D792, D16221370kg/m³hollow oak
Water aborptionASTM D570-980.85%
Liner thermal expansionASTM E831-06, TMA60.9μm/m*℃
Flexural strengthASTM D790-0738.0MPa
Flexural modulusASTM D790-073680MPa
FormaldehydeAS/NZS 4266.16:2004, ASTM D6007-02Grand E0
Flexural strength ( 23℃)ASTM D79027.9Mpahollow redwood
Flexural modulus( 23℃)ASTM D7903400Mpa
Flexural strength ( -35℃)ASTM D790, low temperature52.2Mpa
Flexural modulus( -35℃)ASTM D790, low temperature6370Mpa
Tensile strengthSpecimen width: 17.73mm
Specimen thickness: 3.09mm
Testing speed: 5mm/min
Gauge length: 50mm
22.9MPasolid redwood
Flexural ModulusSpecimen width: 17.64mm
Specimen thickness: 3.14mm
Testing speed: 1mm/min
Span: 50mm
Flexural Strenth2420Mpa
slip resistance (dry)BS 7976-2:200284solid oak
slip resistance (wet)BS 7976-2:200250
Impact notched(complete break)BS-EN-ISO-179-19973.1kJ/m2
Impact  un-notched(complete break)BS-EN-ISO-179-19976.9kJ/m2
Hot Nut TestBS 4790:198715mm
Screw RetentionASTM D17612249Nsolid charcoal
Nail RetentionASTM D1761856N
Mid span point load (break)Factory lab(span: 40cm)4224.34Nsolid oak
Deflection-Mid span point load (break)Factory lab(span: 40cm)14.53mm